Ledger Pushes for Open-Source Transparency: Time to Quell Ledger Recover Fears

Chinese Companies Sell Synthetic Opioid Chemicals for Crypto Payments

  • Chinese companies are profiting from the sale of synthetic opioid chemicals through crypto payments.
  • Solana CEO deems ChatGPT as revolutionary as ‘Windows and the computer mouse’.
  • Coinbase, Prometheum, and Ledger have all taken steps to promote crypto adoption.

Solana CEO Praises ChatGPT

Solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko praised the new ChatGPT platform in a recent tweet: “ChatGPT is as revolutionary as Windows & the computer mouse. Just like those two made PC’s accessible & easy-to-use for everyone, ChatGPT will make blockchain technology accessible to anyone with a messaging app.” This platform is an AI-powered chatbot that allows users to easily interact with dapps on Solana’s network without needing to understand how blockchain works.

Coinbase Seeks Court Order Against SEC

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has asked a federal court for a writ of mandamus against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company is seeking clarity on when cryptocurrencies are considered securities under U.S laws, claiming that current regulations do not provide enough clarity on this matter. If successful, this could open up more opportunities for cryptocurrency traders in the U.S.

Prometheum Becomes First Crypto Company Approved by SEC, FINRA

Prometheum recently became the first cryptocurrency company to be approved by both the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as a special-purpose broker-dealer—a major step forward in bringing more mainstream acceptance to digital assets within traditional financial markets in America.

Ledger Pushes For Open Source Transparency
In response to community feedback surrounding its controversial Ledger Recover product announcement, Ledger announced plans to push for increased transparency in their products via open source initiatives such as software verifiability and better communication of product features and goals. Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier reiterated the company’s commitment to security while acknowledging that ease of use is also important for its users moving forward .