BMW and Oasis cooperate for privacy solution

Blockchains are no longer new territory for the automotive industry. However, recent developments show that crypto and cars are becoming increasingly intertwined.

BMW expands its involvement in the crypto world. After the Bavarian automotive giant is already involved in a blockchain-based identity project, this time it’s about data security. Together with Bitcoin Circuit app, BMW is working on a new type of system to protect personal data.

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On the one hand, Oasis Labs is behind the privacy blockchain Oasis Network. In addition, it also offers data protection solutions for companies. In their project announcement From December 9th, Oasis and BMW therefore promise a „new standard for responsible data use in the automotive industry.“

Differencial Privacy protects data from BMW customers

Oasis summarizes its new privacy solution under the term Differencial Privacy. The software is designed to ensure that users remain the rights holders of their data and ensure compliance with data protection guidelines. Differencial privacy prevents individual data from being read out of databases with the help of sophisticated queries.

The developers give an example to illustrate this: If Bob can call up the average salary in his company from a database before Chloe has started there, he can use a simple arithmetic operation to read the amount of Chloe’s wages from the new average salary. The Oasis solution suppresses such requests by rewriting them. As a result, only aggregated data can be called up without access permission. The software is compatible with all SQL databases.

In the case of BMW, the software from Oasis Labs is initially used in the internal databases of the car manufacturer. There it is supposed to protect private customer data and guarantee a legally compliant data exchange between BMW and its partners. The project partners use an access-restricted ledger to store their access rights .

Daimler uses blockchain for driving comfort

The Swabian BMW competitor Daimler is not a newcomer to the blockchain country either. In autumn, for example, the Stuttgart -based company announced a cooperation with the crypto company Ontology.

The aim of the project is to improve the driving experience. For this purpose, personal driver data should be stored on a blockchain. Customers should have the option of transferring personal settings (for light or sound) from one car to another. This should particularly benefit the users of rental cars. These benefit twice, because the cooperation with Ontology also promises to simplify vehicle rental.

Against this background, there is a trend towards stronger connection of automobiles to blockchain technology in the coming years. This impression is reinforced when you consider that car wallets are already being developed. Thomas Fürstner has BTC ECHO revealed that Daimler there has its finger in the pie.